And Now

Tomorrow is approaching — or is it? It’s always now, isn’t it? We plan for tomorrow — or fail to — and we comb over yesterday with fondness or regret, but meanwhile Now is in progress,  Now is happening, Now is all we have. It behooves us to pay attention now,  to look around now,Continue reading “And Now”

While we were busy making plans

The ancient scientist who cured a dozen deadly diseases sighed and said, “All I really wanted to be was a rock star poet.” The celebrated author with 30 novels, a couple of popular movie and TV series, and a master class thousands had attended, said, “I was really good at science; what if I wasContinue reading “While we were busy making plans”

This is ridiculous

“We’re getting more ridiculous all the time.” I jotted that line down a little while ago after it whizzed by my ears as I listened to an audiobook; it was a character’s assessment of what was going on in the world, of course. I can’t remember if it was a recent novel or one ofContinue reading “This is ridiculous”

Turn it off – well, not ALL of it

Just for a few minutes before I invite the outside world into the house electronically in the morning, I wish to scribble a few words that are free from that stimulus. Habits are hard to break, and it’s especially hard these days to break the habit of zooming online first thing in the morning andContinue reading “Turn it off – well, not ALL of it”

The archive

I know for certain now how long a half-century is, for I have lived more than that and remember. I know how long 30 seconds are — long enough to tell you what I have to sell, long enough to trash a reputation.  I could do the figures and find out how many 30-second intervalsContinue reading “The archive”

Why does it have to be September?

LISTEN TO THIS POST The days run by, and suddenly it’s a month with withering flowers and changing-color leaves in it. September is still summer, as schoolchildren are forced to forget, and the days promise warmth and sunshine and a bit of sass, same as July, but night and the edge of consciousness bring aContinue reading “Why does it have to be September?”

On the matter of fake news

“Fake news” is a popular pejorative, but fake news has been with us for a very long time. Let me talk about a form of fake news that has been our companion for decades. I think opinion polls are fake news. Yes, it is mildly interesting that Candidate A is favored by a greater percentageContinue reading “On the matter of fake news”

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