Do not click on the phish

I logged into Facebook from my work computer. Well, almost. A pop-up window popped up. “Someone has tried logging into your computer from an unrecognized location. Your account has been temporarily blocked until you confirm this was you.” Oh bother, I thought, clicked “Yes, it was me,” and moved on – wait, did it askContinue reading “Do not click on the phish”

It’s all about the saying

And now what? Some days I feel like I have said all I have to say in every possible permutation, and I can either repeat myself or shush myself and say, “Go look at what I said, and read it again until you get it. I said it better then anyway.” But if you haveContinue reading “It’s all about the saying”

Keyboard evolution

I was tippety-tapping along on my laptop writing a news story on Monday when my mind flashed back to the bang-bang-bang-bang of the Associated Press teletype in the newsrooms of my youth. They made a constant racket as they banged along shouting the news of the world at us in ALL CAPS, as was routineContinue reading “Keyboard evolution”

Getting a room

I got the paperback shelves up Friday, a row of Bradbury, a row of writing books — Pressfield and the like — my most cherished science fiction paperbacks, and a top shelf of classics. The office is coming into shape, but a bunch of stuff remains in boxes and may not be displayed in theContinue reading “Getting a room”

Seasons turn

The dogs and I were out back when a great honking came from down by the bay. Our 3.33 acres are divided in three parts — up here where the house and field are and we spend most of our time, a woods we visit sometimes that slopes downward toward the water, and finally aContinue reading “Seasons turn”

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