The Wings

Here is a little exercise I wrote a few years ago (Sept. 8, 2017), in which “I wrote anything until I found myself writing something.” It ended up in my little flash fiction chapbook, 24 flashes. The story begins as a conversation between me and Ray Bradbury, riffing on his wonderful writing advice, “Jump, andContinue reading “The Wings”

Bunny’s close call

There was a rabbit who lived in a thicket by the side of the road. He loved Ms. Carol’s flowers, but she did not return the love. She liked her flowers just fine the way they were, you see, but the rabbit loved to nibble on them because they were delicious. One day, the rabbitContinue reading “Bunny’s close call”

Fugue in Moose Minor

Overture “Do you see it? Do you see it yet? Do you see what I’m saying And how I’m saying it?” Prelude There is a place where it falls into place, where the tumblers tumble and the mysteries unlock, and all is plain to see. Come with me now, take my hand, and we’ll walkContinue reading “Fugue in Moose Minor”

and stormy night

Darkness fell over the land early. A storm was coming. Thunder like distant cannon fire echoed from the sky. She rolled the generator onto the porch; if the electricity went out, it would power the sump pump and a lamp — or maybe the Wi-Fi router — were all the devices charged? After she pluggedContinue reading “and stormy night”

Meta physics on a deadline

Time was running out. The job needed to be done and nothing was working. He couldn’t let the job get away from him, but now he realized the horse was out of the barn and running wild down the lane and through the neighbor’s back yard. This was all a metaphor, of course. The barnContinue reading “Meta physics on a deadline”

Bus ride from Destiny

He noticed her as soon as she got on the bus in a little town called Destiny in the middle of nowhere. A small-town girl had no business being that stone-cold beautiful, but he supposed that was why she was leaving town. She took a seat three rows in front of him on the otherContinue reading “Bus ride from Destiny”

Mal function

Now it was past midnight, and he was raving again. “My eyes! My eyes! They burn so! Tear me away from this glowing box — There are demons within!” he cried, and that was what he said when he was making sense. Mostly he descended into gibberish and something that made as much sense asContinue reading “Mal function”

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