The Consciousness Stream

There is a place where people go to find an answer to the questions that they ask over and over and every day, and sometimes they find what they are looking for, and sometimes they find they needed something entirely different and they just had to ask the wrong question to get the right answer,Continue reading “The Consciousness Stream”

Rabbit hole revenge

“Hey! What the —” the rabbit said as I tumbled onto his head. “Sorry, bun,” I said. “How did I get here?” “I am so over people like you,” said the rabbit, his whiskers twitching. “You fall into my hole, eyes all glazed, rude as can be, land on my head or wake up myContinue reading “Rabbit hole revenge”

Fighting the impulse

“Hello, Muse, are you out there?” he asked, taking a deep breath and positioning his fingers to write. “How can I serve you today?” The fingers trembled a bit, but no words came. He looked up and saw the phone, sitting on a box on a book stand, the little electronic connection to the worldContinue reading “Fighting the impulse”

The Legacy

There was this boy who sat cross-legged and invented superhero stories and wrote songs, and all just for the fun of it. Maybe he dreamed of a world when the world would reward him with a house on a hill and a good woman and happily ever after, but mostly he immersed himself in theContinue reading “The Legacy”

What should have been

In an alternate universe, March 2020. “No.” “I beg your pardon?” “No. I’m opening my restaurant tomorrow morning, same as always, and I’m coming to work and serving whoever shows up to buy a cup of coffee, two eggs, bacon and hash browns or whatever.” “But the bug —“ “If we all catch the bugContinue reading “What should have been”

Not today

The room was vast and small. It was built for many more people and many more desks, with a high ceiling and space that seemed to go on forever, but here was one desk, and one chair, and one light. Into the night the solitary figure wrote, although it may may been high noon becauseContinue reading “Not today”

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