Refuse to Get Angry

Wendy McElroy, my favorite aggregator of news and opinion (find her site here) linked last week to Jonathan Turley’s article about rage rhetoric, which the author said has arisen from time to time in U.S. history, even as far back as John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. It’s interesting that for all the bile those twoContinue reading “Refuse to Get Angry”

Life and meaning

I hope to write something profound, or funny, or moving, or otherwise special, every time I sit down and touch the pen to paper. A person wants to believe their life has meant something. Of course our lives have meaning, because our life touches other people’s life life all the time. We choose whether it’sContinue reading “Life and meaning”

And Now

Tomorrow is approaching — or is it? It’s always now, isn’t it? We plan for tomorrow — or fail to — and we comb over yesterday with fondness or regret, but meanwhile Now is in progress,  Now is happening, Now is all we have. It behooves us to pay attention now,  to look around now,Continue reading “And Now”

While we were busy making plans

The ancient scientist who cured a dozen deadly diseases sighed and said, “All I really wanted to be was a rock star poet.” The celebrated author with 30 novels, a couple of popular movie and TV series, and a master class thousands had attended, said, “I was really good at science; what if I wasContinue reading “While we were busy making plans”

The Wings

Here is a little exercise I wrote a few years ago (Sept. 8, 2017), in which “I wrote anything until I found myself writing something.” It ended up in my little flash fiction chapbook, 24 flashes. The story begins as a conversation between me and Ray Bradbury, riffing on his wonderful writing advice, “Jump, andContinue reading “The Wings”

The Fable of Any Road

It’s a wind chime day, and it rained last night and looks to rain some more. The leaves are still green, mostly, and the Black-eyed Susans are still gathered, perhaps fading at the edges. Barely one week left in summer, or so says the calendar, but in this part of the world, summer can beContinue reading “The Fable of Any Road”

The Muse, Called Late For Dinner

The Muse smiled and said, “You have my number. Call me anytime, just don’t call me late for dinner. I hate to miss a meal.” And then she told me stories, and she showed me how to piece words together so that people cried, and learned, and found their spirits lifted. We journeyed to farawayContinue reading “The Muse, Called Late For Dinner”

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