And on the first day

One dog licked her back paw, the other chewed a bone. The washing machine whirred from the next room. It was the first day of the rest of his life. He scoffed under his breath. “Cliche much?” he muttered. But it was true. He had awakened very much aware of his mortality. His neck ached.Continue reading “And on the first day”

To honor the fallen

We set aside this day every year to honor and remember the people who have died in war. From time to time someone points out that the best way to honor the fallen is to work to ensure there is no war. But war goes on, and perhaps it always will as long as weContinue reading “To honor the fallen”

The truth about War

Roger Mifflin, proprietor of the “Parnassus at Home” bookstore, chats with his new employee Titania about the lessons learned during the recently ended Great War, in this passage from The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley (1919). “Sometimes I thought Truth had vanished from the earth,” he cried bitterly.  “Like everything else, it was rationed byContinue reading “The truth about War”

Would you rather be safe or free?

From the archives: I wrote this in 1999, not long after the infamous shootings at Columbine High School. I really can’t add anything 24 years later. Would you rather be safe or free? Those are the choices, you know. There are ways you can try to protect yourself and your children from the possibility thatContinue reading “Would you rather be safe or free?”

Sentences add up

It’s funny how the little algorithms work. I had nothing to write for Wednesday’s blog, so I wrote just one sentence to keep my daily blogging streak alive, titled it “This is a sentence,” and went to bed. It appeared dutifully Wednesday morning, and down at the bottom the algorithm, as usual, offered three “Related”Continue reading “Sentences add up”

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