This is ridiculous

“We’re getting more ridiculous all the time.” I jotted that line down a little while ago after it whizzed by my ears as I listened to an audiobook; it was a character’s assessment of what was going on in the world, of course. I can’t remember if it was a recent novel or one ofContinue reading “This is ridiculous”

Turn it off – well, not ALL of it

Just for a few minutes before I invite the outside world into the house electronically in the morning, I wish to scribble a few words that are free from that stimulus. Habits are hard to break, and it’s especially hard these days to break the habit of zooming online first thing in the morning andContinue reading “Turn it off – well, not ALL of it”


“As a writer, I need to relax and let the words flow.” “No, no, quite the opposite. You need to focus, which requires intensity.” “You’re both wrong. You need to relax, intensely!” Don’t you just love being pulled in several different directions? How do golfers concentrate on keeping the right grip, keeping this elbow straightContinue reading “Switch”

Of lists and listlessness

I keep finding these lists I’ve compiled of books I want to write and/or release to the wild — you know, the books I hope will provide a revenue stream when my day-job days are over. I know (I know I know because I write this same thought from time to time) that I shouldContinue reading “Of lists and listlessness”

The new pup on the block

This is our 1-year-old, Summer. Today is the 363rd day that she has resided with us; Sunday is the anniversary of her coming home. Puppies turn into dogs so quickly, but yes, they are here and gone faster than you can imagine. This is a stubborn beast. She absolutely will not respond to “Summer, come!”Continue reading “The new pup on the block”

W.B.’s Book Report: Hell and Back

Craig Johnson’s 18th novel featuring Walt Longmire was released on Tuesday, and I made darn sure that it was ready and waiting in my Audible account so I could start listening on the one-hour commute to my day job. George Guidall, the wonderful narrator who has read to me all of the books, is backContinue reading “W.B.’s Book Report: Hell and Back”

What a fantastic ride that was

Almost every month on the fourth day, I find myself drawing a circle around the 4 as I start my journal entry. It’s an homage of sorts to the lasting impact that the adventures of Reed Richards, Susan Storm Richards, Johnny Storm and Benjamin J. Grimm have had on my psyche.  The Fantastic Four wereContinue reading “What a fantastic ride that was”

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