Would you rather be safe or free?

From the archives: I wrote this in 1999, not long after the infamous shootings at Columbine High School. I really can’t add anything 24 years later. Would you rather be safe or free? Those are the choices, you know. There are ways you can try to protect yourself and your children from the possibility thatContinue reading “Would you rather be safe or free?”

Sentences add up

It’s funny how the little algorithms work. I had nothing to write for Wednesday’s blog, so I wrote just one sentence to keep my daily blogging streak alive, titled it “This is a sentence,” and went to bed. It appeared dutifully Wednesday morning, and down at the bottom the algorithm, as usual, offered three “Related”Continue reading “Sentences add up”

Cardinal at the window

I first heard the story of the cardinals years ago at the memorial gathering for a mentor and his wife, who had died just a few months apart. The family distributed seed packets with cards telling how a cardinal is a visitor from heaven, a departed loved one letting you know everything is all right.Continue reading “Cardinal at the window”

Walk away from the toxic

In the middle of Joanna Penn’s podcast interview with Toby Neal last week, there came a thought I had to jot down while careening down the highway at 72 mph (I find police tend to give traffic a pass at 7 mph over the posted limit or less). With regard to social media, Neal saidContinue reading “Walk away from the toxic”

Watch what you say

“In space, no one can hear you scream.” “You can’t say that.” “I just did.” “But it’s a trademark; you can’t say that.” “I’m not trying to promote my scary new movie about a space monster.” “Doesn’t matter; it’s copyrighted.” “Piffle.” “You’ll think differently when you hear from their lawyers.” “Oh, come on. It’s justContinue reading “Watch what you say”

48 years of alleged adulthood

Two score and eight years ago, it was hot and sunny, especially for people wearing black gowns and caps, and U.S. Sen. Bill Proxmire, D-Wisconsin, got an honorary degree, irritating my dad the staunch Republican. I spent that night and a few nights later in an ancient hotel in Waupaca whose name escapes me —Continue reading “48 years of alleged adulthood”

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