Superheroes to the rescue

It started with Greatman, who had a kind of purple costume and Spider-Man eyes on his mask. He could fly and he was super-strong, and he was the flagship hero of a line that also included the Fabulous Five, Brink the Atomic Man, Moss Boy (who later evolved into Moss Man), and some other superheroesContinue reading “Superheroes to the rescue”

Back from the abyss

The day I was first diagnosed with hypertension, I thought I might be having a heart attack. When the ER nurse took my blood pressure and it was 224/124, they said, “Yeah, you’d better come on in here and stay awhile.” They were pretty sure it was NOT a heart attack, but just in caseContinue reading “Back from the abyss”

The best friend and the little pal

Hey there, Summer-Sum-Sum. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal to you that I changed my Facebook profile picture yesterday, but you have no idea. It’s just that when Red — that’s what I call your mom on the blog — showed me the picture of us the other day, I could seeContinue reading “The best friend and the little pal”

W.B.’s sales report 2022

I looked through my sales reports for 2022 the other day, and I found good news and bad news. Because human nature, let’s look at the bad news first: Five of my 22 books did not sell a single copy last year, including Full: Rockets, Bells & Poetry, which was my top seller in 2021,Continue reading “W.B.’s sales report 2022”

The words must be there, somewhere

I am a bit of an introvert, and the blog is my way of reaching out to communicate with the outside world. “This is what I’m thinking; how about you?”  Words are marvelous inventions that allow us to share our minds one with another. Where are the words, though, that will lead us at lastContinue reading “The words must be there, somewhere”

Reconstructing ‘Calendar Girl’

January! You start the year out fine.February! You’re my little valentine.March! I’m going to march you down the aisle.April! You’re the Easter bunny when you smile.May! Maybe if I ask your dad and mom,June! They’ll let me take you to the junior prom.July! Umm …August! Errr …September! Well …October! Yeesh …November! I give thanks thatContinue reading “Reconstructing ‘Calendar Girl’”

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