Add to the beauty

I am approaching the end of another journal; this one has taken something more than just two months to fill, and I looked back to the early pages to find something I’ve already shared that bears repeating:

“Add to the beauty or add to the despair — each of us has two choices — more than two, actually, infinite choices — but each of us adds something every day.”

Each day is a series of givings and receivings. We give of ourselves, and we receive what others give. May our mutual goal be to add to the beauty with our giving.

Encourage in the face of despair.

Hold a light in the darkness.

Love in the face of hate.


There’s a rugged road, as Judee Sill sang. Meet it with hope, meet it with a stubborn intention to smooth the path for the next traveler coming along, a stubborn refusal to be ruffled by the potholes and cracks in the pavement.

Each of us adds something every day — may my contributions make it better.

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