More wisdom of Will Rogers

“The first thing a despot does is to stifle and throttle laughter. A dictator in this country would have a hard time with Rogers present.” — author Rupert Hughes, at Will Rogers’ funeral

A handful of gems from the master:

If a fellow doesn’t have a good time once in a while and get a good laugh out of the serious side of life, he doesn’t half live.

+ + +

A holding company is where you hand an accomplice the goods while a policeman searches you.

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I honestly believe there is people so excited over this election that they think the president has something to do with running the country.

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(Interview with himself)
Q. What’s the best way to start being a humorist?
A. Recovery from a mule kick is one way that’s used a lot. Being dropped head downward on a pavement in youth has been responsible for a lot. But a discharge from an asylum for mental cases is almost sure fire.
Q. Is the field of humor crowded?
A. Only when Congress is in session.

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