And the music is still everywhere

“I want to live,” the soul says with every fiber of its being. “I want to soar. I want to fly. I want to dance. I want to feel. I want to run, I want to sit still and drink all this in, I want to swim, I want to float quietly in the sunlight.”

When the soul says, “I want to die,” it doesn’t really. It’s folded into despair so deep until it believes peace can’t be found in this life. It knows there is soaring to be done somewhere, and maybe in the next plane of existence, the soul can dance.

But the music is here, and the dance is at hand. Listen. Move your feet. Breathe. See that? You’re dancing.

The song is everywhere if you just listen. All around you are wind and melody and rhythm, everywhere.

And the words to every song are, “I want to live.”

So what’s stopping you? Live!

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