Awkward conversation with the muse

Come on universe, give me something.

“How rude.”

I guess I wasn’t very polite, addressing the muse like that.

“Do you think so?”

Yeah, sorry. I guess I’m a little impatient.

“Listen, young man —”

Thanks! But I don’t feel so young anymore.

(The universe sighs.)

Sorry. You were saying?

“I said.”

I don’t get it.


Oh! You said, “Listen, young man,” so OK, I’m listening.

(The universe sighs more deeply.)

Ooooh! You told me to listen! Listen with a young man’s ears.

“So you DID hear me. Eventually.”

You have to admit it’s been a long winter. I think it was this sunny and warm the last time I sat in this park to write, that’s how long it’s been.

“No doubt.”

I should come here more often.

“No doubt.”

So: What else you got?


What? “Listen, young man” Is all you’re giving me today?

“Don’t sound so resentful. That’s a lot.”

I had no response for that. So I listened.

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