The Roger Mifflin Collection finally resumes

The Man Who Was Thursday is a delightfully weird nightmare. A detective is recruited to infiltrate a mysterious star chamber of seven anarchists, each identified by a different day of the week. The council needs a new Thursday; hence the title.

Syme, the detective, slowly learns there’s more to the mystery than he bargained for, and before long the adventure is careening in unexpected directions. Roger Mifflin said this book is for when your mind needs “a good rough-and-tumbling,” and he’s not wrong.

The Roger Mifflin Collection debuted during the pandemic and stalled after the first three editions, but those books are now starting to gain traction and here is the fourth installment. James Stephens is waiting in the wings with his amazing fantasy The Demi-Gods.

These gems of the early 20th century are each amazing in their own right; That Mifflin fellow knew what he was talking about!

The Man Who Was Thursday – G.K. Chesterton

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