Trouble in Utopia

Futuristic City © Mik3812345 |

In the far-off future year of 2022, in a gleaming city of light, the council met to review its latest scientific goals.

“We have conquered our demons and learned to live in peace,” The Leader said smugly. “The worst of our fearful diseases have been eradicated or at least arrested. Our explorers have established outposts on Mars, Venus, and the moons of Jupiter. What’s next?”

Suddenly a motley crew burst into the chambers and trained weapons on the wise old men.

“What’s the meaning of this?” a council member sputtered.

“While you have been busy making the world a better place, you’ve neglected the underbelly of society as always,” said the motley crew’s ringleader. “You’ve stopped rattling sabers at people we don’t know and have no quarrel with, and for that I thank you kindly. And it’s very nice that my kids won’t die from the disease that killed my mother. It’s also good to know I can leave this orb and move to another planet. But I don’t want to leave, and there are people still suffering here.”

“Suffering? You’ve just pointed out that no one is at war, we need fear no disease, and opportunities abound on several worlds,” The Leader smirked. “Would that we all suffer the like.”

“This world is not quite as peaceful as you claim. You didn’t conquer our demons, you outlawed them,” the ringleader countered. “WHEN HATE IS OUTLAWED, ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE HATE. And, oh, we outlaws have much pent up.”

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