The zen of early rising

Sometimes, pulling myself out from under the covers at 5 a.m., I resist the urge to climb back in, and instead I go to my writing/reading chair and start to write, and something pretty good comes out. It’s like some force in the universe wants to keep me from seeing what I would see if I awaken, so it lulls me back to sleep. But we need to wake up and see eventually, so the universe rewards me with a bit of insight when I get up anyway.

It will be easier to do now that we have “fallen back” and 5 a.m. is what 6 a.m. was 24 hours ago. I’ve thought before it would be nice to live in Standard Time year-round even during those months when others live in Daylight-Saving Time, waking an hour before everyone else and living in a quiet standard world that may be darker but wits are sharper because they’re refreshed and uncluttered.

“We get an extra hour of sleep tonight” — or we get to start the day an hour earlier with the same amount of sleep. That latter thought feels a bit more … empowering perhaps.

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