I will never be able to resist this face

Through all the turmoil, Facebook Memories today gave me this photo that I posted five years ago with the caption, “I will never be able to resist this face.” I reposted it with the new caption, “Still true.”

Even five years ago, when Willow was almost 7 years old, one of the many reasons my heart melted was knowing our canine friends have a limited time on this Earth and a day will come that she is not there to rest her chin on my armchair or knee. I will always cherish these moments.

My absolute favorite movie of the 21st century is Arrival, which on the surface is a wonderful story about finding a way to communicate with someone completely different, on a deeper level is a great story about learning to trust people we are not inclined to trust, and on its deepest level is a brilliant story about choosing to love in the face of inevitable tragedy.

When we adopt a puppy, we expect that one day we will say goodbye to an old, beloved friend. It’s part of the package. Our expected lifespan is about seven times the lifespan of a dog.

But we embrace that choice, also expecting that the tradeoff for the tragic ending is an unforgettable and completely worthwhile love story.

I will never be able to resist this face, even knowing my heart will be broken someday. It’s part of the deal, and I embrace it fully.

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