Just write

It doesn’t have to be a poem.

It doesn’t have to be a song.

It doesn’t have to be anything,

not yet — just write.

Let loose the hounds of more!

Pour the words onto the page

in quantity, searching for quality,

diamonds in the rough — no, not even that,

just send the words — no, not even,

just pull the words from the ether

and thank the Muse,

just thank the Muse,

and run back to the well

for more

Published by WarrenBluhm

Wordsmith and podcaster, Warren is a reporter, editor and storyteller who lives near the shores of Green Bay with his wife, two golden retrievers, Dejah and Summer, and Blackberry, an insistent cat. Author of It's Going to Be All Right, Echoes of Freedom Past, Full, Refuse to be Afraid, Gladness is Infectious, 24 flashes, How to Play a Blue Guitar, Myke Phoenix: The Complete Novelettes, A Bridge at Crossroads, The Imaginary Bomb, A Scream of Consciousness, and The Imaginary Revolution.

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