I have and I haven’t

I haven’t updated the home page on my website in more than a year, so if you haven’t been reading this blog you couldn’t know that I released Gladness is Infectious or 24 flashes or updated A Little Volume of Secrets and Resistance to Civil Government and Letters to the Citizens of the United States and got Myke Phoenix into wider distribution.

I haven’t sent out an author newsletter. I haven’t promoted my books. I haven’t …

Enough of what I haven’t. I have kept posting on the blog every day for 286 days. I have kept writing, even if my main project is spotty — I celebrated 10,000 words in, what, January, and I only just passed 14,000, aiming for 40,000ish.

Yeesh! See what I did there? I turned it back into “I haven’t.”

I have almost hit my goal for my next collection of blog posts, Full, a companion to A Bridge at Crossroads and How to Play a Blue Guitar and Gladness is Infectious. I have written at least a handful of words in that 14,000-and-counting project mentioned above every day for a couple of weeks.

I haven’t (STOP IT! oh, just wait) left enough time for writing this post to add an illustration or links to the names of all those books to make it easier for you to check them out. But I have gotten them into distribution so you can just go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Bookshop.org or, heck, Walmart or Target and search for “Warren Bluhm.” How cool is that?

As I said, I have gotten far enough along that I can almost promise that Full will be on sale by June 1. So there. I have been busy.

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