A search for one thing

My mind wanders and wanders and runs off track and down rabbit holes. So many directions and so many tracks and so many holes!

Is there an advantage to focusing on one thing? Of course there is, but there is also a time to explore and to find other options and alternatives to the one thing.

Curly said, “One thing” is the secret — but which one? How do you choose? And should you choose? Is diversification and multitasking a better choice? Jack of all trades and master of none? Or the best in the world at a certain task?

All the shiny pretty shiny-things out there to distract from what’s important — or are they all as important in their own way? Dive, Forrest, dive into that rabbit hole and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain — he sends you to capture broomsticks and perhaps die, but you were brave and brought back the broomstick, didn’t you? And the greater good is better for all that, isn’t it?

And look over here, another shiny-thing to keep you happy until the next mission. So many rabbit holes, so little time …

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