Off day

So as we begin Day 3 of National Novel Writing Month, I’ve added 48 words to the novel I intend to finish this month. No worries, November 2021 starts on Monday and Tuesday, always the busiest days of my day job week, so of course I am close to brain dead and not really able to focus on novel writing tonight. Now, if a week goes by and I’m still averaging 24 words a day, then we can question my commitment.

A few years back now when the Packers were in a bit of a slump, Aaron Rodgers told fans to “R-E-L-A-X.” As I recall they went out and won every game for the rest of the regular season.

That’s the best advice for anyone with a big goal, especially a big creative goal: R-E-L-A-X. The worst thing you can do is get tied up in knots and start second-guessing yourself. That takes all the fun out of it, and what’s the point of creating worlds out of thin air if it’s not fun?

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W.B.’s NaNoWriMo progress report – as of midnight Nov. 3
Novel 1 – still around 20,000, 50% to 40k goal
Novel 2 – 40% to 40k goal
Plan for end of 2021 – in progress
Plan for 2022 – in development

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