A whiff of strong air

The next Roger Mifflin Collection book is The Story of My Heart, which author Richard Jefferies subtitled “An Autobiography,” even though precious few details of his life actually appear between its covers. It’s more of a love song to nature and bright sunny days walking through meadows. It’s more of a philosophical treatise as he tries to wrap his brain around life and the nature of the soul. It’s a fascinating exploration that challenges premises and angered some people when it first appeared in 1883.

I don’t quite know what to make of it or describe it, but Christopher Morley (through his cheerfully cantankerous bookstore owner Roger Mifflin) recommended it among other tomes that might turn your head upside down. It is, as Roger said, “a whiff of strong air, blue and cleansing, from hilltops and primrose valleys.”

I was a little miffed at myself because I missed my self-imposed deadline for finishing the draft and sending it off to the printer for a proof copy. But then I recalled that my publication date is May 17, so I haven’t missed any public deadlines yet.

Watch for an opportunity to pre-order soon.

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