Cast yourself in the movie

“My mom used to have a saying when things were getting crazy, or we were lost in a dirt road someplace, or any other random thing came up: ‘Just think of it as an adventure.’”

That quote — JUST THINK OF IT AS AN ADVENTURE — leapt off the page at me more or less out of context as I was innocently reading The Coffee Break Novelist — The Book You Want in the Time You Have by Kevin O. McLaughlin.

What a much better way to approach life’s hassles. Just think of yourself as the hero of an adventure. Maybe you’re not Indiana Jones, but your adventure got you into this pickle and you need to work your way out of it. Let’s try this and then that — and isn’t it almost fun when you think in those terms?

OK, maybe not, but on the other hand, an adventure is more fun than a predicament or a rut or a dark hole. Pull up your khakis, grab your fedora and escape the trap.

It’s silly to think all you need to do is change your mindset, until you make the change and it works.


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