A Bridge at Crossroads

“Life is better lived when you search for the light and not the dark.”

Here are 101 encouragements for when you’re about to embark on a new adventure, when you’re wrestling with doubt, when you could use a gentle push, or all of the above.

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Sample passages:

A Bridge at Crossroads

When you are sad – for there will come a time when you are sad – remember a time you were so happy you wished this moment would last forever – because it does last forever as long as you remember.

When you are afraid – for there will come a time when you are afraid – remember a time when you felt so safe and comfortable you knew nothing could shake your world.

When you are lost – for there will come a time when you are lost – remember a time when you found a place you never thought you’d reach and surprised yourself that you had it in you.

The lasting markers in our lives are the moments of clarity, not confusion; joy, not despair; learning, not loss.

Love anyway

When weariness overtakes you

And your fuse is short,

Love anyway.


When the slap of reality hurts

So bad you want to lash back,

Love anyway.


When the loss is so deep

You can’t see straight,

Love anyway.


When you’re tempted to quit

And go running away forever,

Love anyway.


That’s what love is;

That’s why it’s called love.

The dot and the universe

On a little dot in an infinite universe, inside a little shelter near a drop of water, careening through the deep on an infinite journey, a little speck among billions picked up implements of communication and thought, “What shall I offer the universe today?”

“You dare to presume you can offer me something of value?” barked the universe with a great imposing roar. All that was missing was the crack of thunder and a loud voice insisting, “I am the Great and Powerful …”

“You dare?” the universe repeated.

“Yeah, I dare,” said the little speck. “I see you out there, Universe. You go on forever and ever, and I am a little speck among a multitude of specks traveling through you on a dot among an unimaginable multitude of dots, but I dare.”

“You cannot make a ripple in a puddle of water.”

“Maybe not. But I can move a grain of dust from here to there, and in a lifetime maybe I’ll shift a handful of soil and sustain many other specks like me for long enough.”

“Why? You are almost nothing and meaningless.”

“I can coast on a wind of meaninglessness or scratch out a quest for meaning,” said the man. “Which journey will get me farther?”