The morning news

In the last 24 hours …

Thousands of couples around the world celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with family and friends.

Millions of business transactions occurred smoothly, with buyer and seller both satisfied. Millions of charitable acts also took place.

Billions of people shared a laugh — or at least a chuckle — or maybe a gentle smile — with a friend or loved one.

Hundreds of thousands of flights landed safely. A few dozen Democrats and Republicans even managed to say something nice about each other.

Of the billions and billions of interactions among the 7 billion of us that occur every day, a trifling fraction make the morning news, which is a compilation of the aberrations, the exceptions, the awful things that go wrong or have been perpetrated by some people against other persons and property.

It’s been said that to make the world a little brighter, one thing you can do is turn off the morning news and look around at all the reasons to be thankful.

As someone who has always made his living in the news business, I can’t say that this is sound advice.

But I’m thinking it.

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