W.B. Watching: Goliath

Red and I spent Friday and Saturday nights binge-watching Season 4 of the very fine lawyer melodrama Goliath, starring the incomparable Billy Bob Thornton as flawed but brilliant attorney Billy McBride.

We don’t binge-watch that much. We’ll glom onto a show and watch one or two episodes at a time, but to watch eight over two nights is rare for us. Goliath is that compelling.

The villain in this fourth and final story is Big Pharma, personified by the always riveting J.K. Simmons, and the opioid addiction crisis. In this era where the world has advanced from “trust us” to “shut up and take your medicine,” it’s encouraging to see a program that reminds us why many people are skeptical of the huge profit centers that peddle our pills.

Especially in the final courtroom showdown, a few things happen that had the newshound part of me thinking, “Objection, your honor, this wouldn’t happen in a real court,” but the here-I-am-now-entertain-me part of me thinking, “Oh, yeah. Yes, yes, go, go, go.”

Goliath Season 4 dropped Friday on Amazon Prime, and we actually found it by accident on opening night. I’m glad we did; it’s one of those rare shows that started out excellent and got even better in each of its successive seasons. This is one grand finale.

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