Watching: Stay Close

There’s a meme out there where Netflix says, “Hey you want to watch a 10-hour movie?” and the obvious response is, “Heck, no.” To which Netflix replies, “What if I split it into eight parts and you watch them one after another,” and the response is, “Damn you, I’m in.”

Red and I watched the first part of Harlan Coben’s Stay Close on Thursday night. We were tempted to watch the second part of this weird, twisting and turning thriller, but we thought better of it.

Early Friday night I said, “Should we pick up with part two of that thing we watched last night?” and she replied, “Sure, why not?”

[sigh …]

After watching episodes 2 through 8, we have another Netflix show to recommend to people with a warning they may end up binge-watching. It’s a good cast led by Cush Jumbo as the woman with too many secrets and James Nesbitt as the chief inspector who can’t stop until he’s connected all the dots, no matter where it leads.

That wasn’t what I was planning to write for today, but now it’s 10 minutes before posting time. That’s what binge-watching does.

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