Saturday night and not a creature is stirring — Summer is out like a light but within stroking distance should I want to pet a puppy. The wind chimes are chiming up a storm outside the window; it’s not storming, but the wind is blowing and so — music!

Part of me is thinking, after 575 consecutive days of posting something on the blog, shouldn’t I have a plan by now, shouldn’t I know what I’m going to post a little sooner than 140 minutes before it goes live? All the fancy “how to blog” blogs tell you to have a mission statement and a schedule and a reason for people to come back again and again. And by a schedule, they mean something more than a commitment to post something-anything-whatever by 12:01 a.m. every day.

Another part of me is thinking, for 67 years and 5 months and change, I wanted to be a Writer, not “just” a community journalist but someone who wrote for the love of writing, every day, all the time, and I did a lot of Writing but could never sustain the habit. And so, saying something in one place for 575 days in a row is a triumph, whether I pack the queue for six weeks ahead of time or write a Great American Novel one blog post at a time or whether I sit down on Saturday night after laughing and loving the latest two episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, look at the clock and say holy crap I haven’t written anything for the blog.

Mrs. Maisel, by the way, is one of the most delightful TV shows of recent years. Once upon a time I would say it’s one of the best shows on the air, but TV shows aren’t necessarily ON the air anymore, are they?

Am I the last person on Earth to realize that they don’t make Triumph sports cars anymore? If I can believe Wikipedia, the brand name was retired in 1984.

Have I ever told the story of how I passed up my one chance (so far) to drive a Studebaker Golden Hawk, my favorite car design? Maybe I’ll tell it the next time I find myself banging out a last-minute blog two hours before midnight.

While I was typing, Summer got up and explored the rest of the house for a while, but she’s back by my side and fixing to curl up for the long haul. That’s probably my cue to wrap this up, post it, and sail my way into La La Land myself. Thanks for stopping by, and see you tomorrow, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

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