What the headline means

The headline says “The governor wants more funds” for some important purpose. The implication, as always, is that spending more money will solve the problem. At the very least, more money will put food on the table for the people who are working on the important purpose.

As for the source of the money, why, the governor wishes to once again open the veins of his subjects and bleed them of the funds they were holding for other purposes, like food and shelter, personal purposes that are not as important as the governor’s important purpose.

The governor, and others of his class, view us as a giant wallet to be tapped at their will, and our own intentions for the fruits of our labor are not as important as the governor’s.

Your 1998 Buick still runs, doesn’t it? Your leaky roof hasn’t collapsed yet? Good. Because the governor wants the money you set aside for better transportation and a new roof. He wants those funds for some important purpose, and you and I are powerless to stop him.

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