A long-awaited momentous announcement no one has been waiting for

I don’t think of myself as especially as a futurist, but I have at least two things I’m kind of pleased with myself for getting into early: I was a Spider-Man fan from the moment I discovered that obscure comic book in June 1963, long before Peter Parker was a household name. And I was podcasting before most people knew what a podcast was.

I produced 80 episodes of a little endeavor called Uncle Warren’s Attic between September 2006 and November 2012. It was “a whimsical and eclectic journey through pop culture via the mind and aural stash of Warren Bluhm,” basically whatever I felt like tossing into a half-hour on a semi-regular basis. It had old records, old-time radio, old-time television, stuff I’d written, dramatic readings of old stuff other people wrote … basically it was a paean to my love of old stuff.

It was sparkling, flavorful and distinctive, and it had a small following, but nearly 11 years ago it faded away. It just now occurred to me that I stopped going up to the Attic around the same time Red and I moved into the new house we’d built not far from the shores of the bay of Green Bay. Everything from the old Attic was in boxes piled in the new Attic, and 11 years later I still need to move some boxes to get to other boxes to find the stuff that was more or less readily accessible in the old Attic.

In any case, I was poking around among those boxes not long ago …

Uncle Warren’s Attic #81 arrives Sept. 1, 2023. We’ll see what happens after that.

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