Uncle Warren’s Attic #81

The last episode of Uncle Warren’s Attic was released November 30, 2012, so this is the first episode in 10 years and nine months. I am committed to releasing new episodes a little more frequently from this day forward.

I come up to the attic from time to time and look at all the stuff on shelves and in boxes — scattered bits and pieces of other lives that I’ve absorbed into my life over the years. The one thing they have in common is they all struck my fancy, at some point, for one reason or another.

What connection could there be between Neil Young’s album Trans, a collection of Reader’s Digest from 1933, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, this electric train set in a paper bag, and Sir Harry Lauder? Just me — just me.

It would be a shame to leave this attic as is, for someone to find when I’m gone and mutter, “Good grief, Warren, what did you see in all this junk?” And, of course, I won’t be there to tell you what I saw in it, and so I started this podcast to start to explain. There are 80 episodes sitting out there on the web that I made from 2006 to 2012.

And now, holy moley, there are 81.

The centerpiece of this show is Chapters 6 and 7 of Jeep Thompson and the Lost Prince of Venus. You’ll hear me promise to leave links to the first five chapters, and here those are …

Chapter 1 – Once Upon a Time

Chapter 2 – Mom has a secret

Chapter 3 – In mourning

Chapter 4 – The mysterious colleague

Chapter 5 – The Traveler

And if you want to read the first 15 chapters, you can click right here.

Other content: “First Date” by w.p. bluhm, “When the World’s On Fire” by the Carter Family, “Pick a Bale of Cotton” by Leadbelly and the Golden Gate Quartet, vintage ads for Miller High Life and Anacin, and various blips and flashes from days gone by. I claim no copyright to anything not created by me in this podcast; for entertainment purposes only.

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