Uncle Warren’s Attic #83 – Uncle Warren’s SMiLE

Hi folks, I’m Uncle Warren Bluhm, and welcome to Uncle Warren’s Attic #83 for Sept. 15, 2023. This is the longest episode ever, because I’m playing you an entire record album.

My favorite rock album doesn’t really exist …

So, imagine it’s early 1967, and you’ve just purchased “Smile,” the new Beach Boys album you’ve heard so much about. When you slip the record out of the sleeve, the first thing you notice is there are no breaks between the tracks — what the heck is this? Side 1 is a 19-minute version of “Heroes and Villains,” the Beach Boys’ hit single that followed “Good Vibrations,” and Side 2 is a 21-minute song called “The Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water.” Oooh-kay.

You put the record on the turntable, gently place the tone-arm on the vinyl, and sit back to listen.

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