Seth Godin on how to keep blogging every day

It’s been about 1,000 days since Seth Godin posted a reflection called “This is post 7,000,” about his habit of posting in his blog every day without fail. In fact, if I counted right (and I only did a rough estimate), today is that 1,000th day. Post 8,000 actually took place a little while ago, since he occasionally posts more than once in a day.

For me it’s consecutive daily post 32. Not as impressive. On Aug. 1, about a month after I spun out into its own independent thing, I resolved to post something here daily for at least three months, or 92 days in a row through the end of October.

I mentioned this resolution to a couple of friends and added that one inspiration is Seth, whom I recently rediscovered after a couple years of not paying attention. I knew he blogs diligently every day, and I wondered how long he’s been doing that. That was how I found “This is post 7,000,” which occurred Nov. 6, 2017. It begins: “[actually, it’s more than that, but the previous incarnations of this blog are lost to the fogs of time]”

How does he maintain the habit? Well, I found three good takeaways in post 7,000:

I write every word. I don’t understand outsourcing something this personal, a privilege this important.

The secret to writing a daily blog is to write every day. And to queue it up and blog it. There is no other secret.

I haven’t missed a day in many, many years — the discipline of sharing something daily is priceless.

Eight thousand days would be 22 years, in case you’re wondering. I’d be 85 years old when I reach my 8,000th consecutive daily blog if I continue the streak that I started Aug. 1. Seth has built a huge following and compiled quite a few successful books from his blog posts; in fact, repurposing blog posts is how How to Play a Blue Guitar, A Bridge at Crossroads, Refuse to be Afraid and A Scream of Consciousness came into existence.

It bears repeating: “The secret to writing a daily blog is to write every day. And to queue it up and blog it. There is no other secret.”

See you tomorrow.

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