Brace yourselves in 90 days

Ready for an April snowcopalypse?

When I was a cub reporter out in the woods, the radio station would get calls from two or three local farmers who liked to start out their day gabbing and kibbitzing with the radio kids.

One of them — was it Ed Kastenschmidt or one of the other guys? — had a theory that a major snowstorm always occurs 90 days after a thick fog. He was convinced of this and never forgot to call when we did, indeed, get a big snowstorm three months after pea soup.

I thought of that theory last week, when we had several mornings of very thick fog, thick enough that the weather service issued warnings.

If my old friend was right, we can expect a major Midwest snowstorm around the second week of April. It’s been a quiet winter so far, so it’d be ironic for the biggest storm of the season to hit in the early days of spring.

The main purpose of this blog post is to give me an “I told you so” I can link to during the snowstorm.

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