On the 233rd day, he decided not to rest

On the 233rd day I thought about just skipping a day and saw Dean Wesley Smith’s blog post declaring a “filler” to keep his 3,101-day streak of consecutive posts alive. Not wanting to start over from 1, I decided to post this at 2:30 p.m.

I think you may have forgiven me for my absence. We are coping with a sudden setback in the health of the beautiful dog I’ve been writing about in recent days, and Monday will bring a decision, depending on what the vet says. I am encouraged by this fact: The dog I carried outside this morning because she could not walk just came into my office from the other side of the house and lay down at my feet.

I will write more when I am able. For now, please accept this humble filler post and pray for Willow The Best Dog There Is.

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