What Ever

Photo 46132158 © SaknakornDreamstime.com


What a word that is, in the proper context: a dismissive losing of connection.

“This is not addressing the real problem, I’m not engaged, my interest is not even present, you are irrelevant, you swung and missed, you can’t help and yet here you are still trying to help.” You could say all that, but why do that when one word will do: “Whatever.”

Actually, it’s said as two words: What ever.

Whatever you say, boss, or friend, or whoever. You’re going to do what you want to do, or what you think is right, whatever I say, so get on with it. What ever. What ever made you think I wanted or needed this conversation? What ever. What ever indeed.

“It’s amazing how much power one word can have — how much can be said inside three little syllables,” he said.

“Whatever,” she sighed and looked away.

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