A fine whine before journaling

I wanna go back to sleep!

No, young man, you got up early to journal, and journal you shall. What kind of journalist doesn’t faithfully journal?

The kind that wants to snooze!

You’ve been hitting the snooze alarm of life all your life, haven’t you? Oh, I’ll finish that book after I nap, won’t you? I’ll take care of that business or this business later, won’t you. That’s why you’re still working a day job while the rest of your generation is retiring and traveling and enjoying their grandkids, innit?

Well, you’re going to fill your journal this morning, and you — will — like it!

Won’t you?

(Stifles a yawn.) Actually I did not stifle that yawn; I leaned my head back and opened my mouth and closed my eyes, and I enjoyed every bit of that yawn thoroughly.

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