Ah, yes, the truth

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“I do still care deeply about the truth … I wonder why.” A commenter on a freedomista blog I frequent said that, as a conversation progressed about the current state of affairs and the prospects for the near- to long-range future.

The truth? We can’t handle the truth. Just ask the nearest representative of an institution that purports to run our lives for the common good. I subscribe to the old saw, “You can tell when one of those folks is lying; his/her lips are moving.” And in modern times, the folks in charge of the president are ventriloquists.

Modern political discourse — and thanks to antisocial media almost all discourse nowadays becomes political — is mostly comprised of “I know you are, but what am I?” Criticize Joe Biden and at some point someone will say “You were OK with this when Trump did it.” And of course, before Jan. 20, 2021, the comparisons were between Trump and Barack Obama, with similar effect. 

What if — because it’s the truth — both sides are right? What if the ruling class is not comprised of people who are our friends?

Once in a blue moon a politician tells the truth. One of those times the truth was, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” Dig a little deeper, and you realize the truth is that you don’t need the moderating clause “In this present crisis.”

The enemy is not Democrats or Republicans. The enemy is Democrats AND Republicans, anyone and everyone who wants to use the blunt-force instrument of government to shape our lives.

The truth?

• War is an insane way to resolve differences. Might never makes right. And using violence to overthrow a brutal regime always installs another brutal regime. “Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.”

• Taxation is theft.

• Debt is not a tool. It’s a trap.

• We have far more in common than we have differences, but unpleasant folks are always trying to drive wedges between us, because — follow the money — conflict is good for big business and, lest you think I’m dissing capitalism here, conflict is an essential fuel for big government.

The good news is that more and more people are starting to understand. More and more people see, as I wrote once when a truth struck me, “Freedom is not about having the right ruler. Oh, wait, yes it is. Freedom is understanding that I am the boss of me.”

The more we take responsibility for our own lives, the more the busybodies and bullies lose power. They hate that; that’s why you get flashes of “We are losing patience” and “You people are hurting the rest of us.” 

May this new year be less guided by fear, less guided by anger, and more guided by truth.

4 thoughts on “Ah, yes, the truth

  1. The saying media are whores has certainly been reinforced over the past few years.
    No-one knows what is coming yet all indicators do not point to sunshine and lollipops especially if the authoritarian stance of governments globally do not change in the ways they are wielding their expanded powers.

    1. As a lifetime local media whore, I can assure you there are those of us who are in it only to inform the community fairly and accurately. Still, many outlets of late remind me of the old Pravda (the Russian word for “truth,” BTW) anymore. I do not see sunshine and lollipops coming from governments anytime soon, but the state does not have as much power as its wielders believe. There are more effective influences in this world than blunt force.

      1. I’m glad you have a sense of humour. Also glad to see you have a good view on things.
        Now can I interest you in some fake news?

  2. Went and looked at your bio and by sheer accident I bagged out the media to someone who is in print and media.
    I recently, in a fit of whimsy, decided to make a newspaper which proudly states is your best source for fake news. That everything is completely false and that our journalistic integrity compells us to never deal with facts. In other words a bit of fun poking crap at mainstream media.
    So now sending it out to 60 odd people via email and issue 4 out this week, which is astounding for me.

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