Alternatives to tyranny are out there

I’ve been trying out a new browser called Brave, recommended because it allows for a level of privacy no longer available through many of the big names. I like it so far. I had been using Mozilla Firefox for years, but I downloaded Brave five minutes after I learned that Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker didn’tContinue reading “Alternatives to tyranny are out there”

You have been called to live in freedom

The Rev. Dave Wilkinson shared the first part of this quote from Galatians in his SOUND BITES Ministry email this morning. It’s a call to early Christians, but I think we could all stand to listen. For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom toContinue reading “You have been called to live in freedom”

Free people seek the light, always

I wish I could remember where I saw it, and I wish I had written it down, or saved it, or printed it out, but I don’t and I didn’t so … You’ll just have to take my word for it. (You do remember when a person’s word was his/her bond, right?) Some time backContinue reading “Free people seek the light, always”

Glad … for the Bill of Rights

I’m so glad we … live in the place where the Bill of Rights was drafted. Imagine a world so dark and oppressive that someone had to draft such a document. The First Amendment alone is a masterwork that sets down five essential unalienable rights that should have been self-evident, but apparently they weren’t becauseContinue reading “Glad … for the Bill of Rights”

Glad … to be an optimist

I’m so glad … I can see the bright side. I confess. I’m Pollyanna. I have done my best to cultivate an inner attitude that it’s going to be all right. I’ve been grateful for that attitude a lot, lately. It’s a big, scary world with people who seem hell-bent on keeping it scary forContinue reading “Glad … to be an optimist”

The winnable struggle against depression and depression

It’s interesting: We use the same word — depression — to describe a paralyzing melancholy and general economic collapse. I imagine it’s safe to say one leads to the other and back. Some say the cure for an economic depression is to have the government spend our way out of it. That, of course, ignoresContinue reading “The winnable struggle against depression and depression”

Villainy and inevitability

Weary of defying and denying, he walked to the mountaintop podium and barked. “You’ll never win,” he shouted quietly. “You’ll never take my freedom. Between my temples and between your temples, we both know. I have resisted your lies and your false prophecies with all the strength I had. I am weary and exhausted, butContinue reading “Villainy and inevitability”