Where angels dance

“Write only what you love, and love what you write,” Ray Bradbury wrote. What would be the point of writing words of hate, or words that don’t speak love, no, shout love? What would be the point of wasting any moment of life on the mean, the small, the spirit-breaking nastiness? Given a finite timeContinue reading “Where angels dance”

I find a grain

“Search for the grain of truth in other opinions,” Richard Carlson suggested this morning as I continued my slow stroll through Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Coincidentally, the morning feed brought word that an older person whose opinions rarely coincide with mine had sent out an Independence Day message taking issue with the phrase inContinue reading “I find a grain”


This is self-evident: People are created equal, Endowed by our Creatorwith certain,unalienable rights. Among these arethe right to life,the right to liberty,and the right to the pursuit of happiness. Governments are builtto secure these rights,and whenever they beginto destroy them instead,people have a rightto alter or abolishsuch a government. And that’s what brings ushere today.

Reintroducing myself

(I found this Jan. 3, 2020, entry at the beginning of a journal. I’ll have to think what I would add after the ensuing 18 months.) Hi Warren. Remember me? It’s me — Warren. My favorite books — Nineteen Eighty-Four. Pretty much anything by Ray Bradbury but Dandelion Wine most of all. The Scarlet Letter,Continue reading “Reintroducing myself”

With great power comes great responsibility

No, fellow fans, I’m not going to write about Spider-Man today, but I am going to come to the same conclusion that Uncle Ben did. Wednesday I banged out a blog post, as I often do, by copying from my journal and rearranging what I had penned onto the pages to form (hopefully) something moreContinue reading “With great power comes great responsibility”

Full is, well, full

I needed a few more hundred words on the subject of freedom to complete my next book of poems and aphorisms, Full, and that more than anything is why I assembled my thoughts into yesterday’s post, “The cost of freedom.” And so I have moved Full: Rockets, Bells & Poetry into “production” mode, and youContinue reading “Full is, well, full”