The only free dog on this train

When Summer the 9-month-old puppy goes outside, either she is tethered to a leash or the area where she roams is surrounded by fencing, for her protection. She loves foraging for sticks and leaves. We are still fearful because eight years ago her older sister, Dejah, needed emergency surgery at age 2 months because sheContinue reading “The only free dog on this train”

Where have you gone, Henry L. Mencken … ?

A dear friend of ours celebrates his birthday today, and in his card I told him how grand it is that we have lived to see H.L. Mencken’s prophecy fulfilled — the first quote below. Then I thought I would mark the occasion here by sharing some of Mencken’s timeless observations. I had 10 withinContinue reading “Where have you gone, Henry L. Mencken … ?”

Our scary science-fiction present-day

Do androids dream of electric sheep, as Philip K. Dick asked? Do smartphones dream at all? How do they know what we’ve been talking about so they can show us relevant ads? Oh, we know the answer to that, but we don’t face the implications. We’re entertained by the pretty FBI agents on TV stalkingContinue reading “Our scary science-fiction present-day”

I’ve got a bell and a song to sing

“In the folk classic ‘If I Had A Hammer,’ the hammer represents justice, one of these freedom.” The answer to the Jeopardy! question was a no-brainer. “Bell,” I said to the air. “The bell of freedom.” Next question.  But wait, the three contestants — none of whom looked old enough to have been alive inContinue reading “I’ve got a bell and a song to sing”