Too much too much

The images flashed at him, too many images, too many words, all at once, too many sounds, too many too many too many, his mind screamed, and the scream was another sound to go with the too many others. “Stop!” and he suddenly realized he had said it out loud. “Stop what?” she asked. “There’sContinue reading “Too much too much”

10 reasons to celebrate freedom

Digging into the archives again; I first posted this Dec. 15, 20217, five years ago today … stay tuned for a postscript. A long time ago in a land of hope and plenty, a perfect union was formed. But after a few years people got together to try again, declaring the new arrangement was “aContinue reading “10 reasons to celebrate freedom”

Still not quite a novelist

The 12 print-on-demand books of which I currently claim authorship include only two novels, The Imaginary Bomb and The Imaginary Revolution. Friday, Dec. 15, Bill of Rights Day 2022, will be the 10th anniversary of the latter’s publication. The Imaginary Revolution (Here’s the ebook)(Here’s the paperback) is told in the first person by Raymond DouglasContinue reading “Still not quite a novelist”

The things they will search for again

I felt dry as a brown pile of fallen leaves, unable to muster an image or a passage of serviceable words for my humble service for the day, so I do what I sometimes do to lubricate my imagination: I pulled a book of Bradbury short stories off the shelf. The Machineries of Joy, firstContinue reading “The things they will search for again”

Meet the new boss

Moms through the ages have advised their kids, if you can’t think of anything nice to say, just don’t say anything. I think of those moms lately when the political ads come on. And here we are, Election Day, and I can’t think of anything nice to say. I should stop there, shouldn’t I? MyContinue reading “Meet the new boss”

The Anarchist

She follows me around the house, sleeps at my feet, and drapes her front legs over my back when she wants to play. If I get up and walk from one room to another, I may find someone walking so close behind me that her nose bumps the back of my leg. Half the timeContinue reading “The Anarchist”

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