Another streak preserver

This post began life as a filler, because it was past 9 p.m. Tuesday and I had no topic for a Wednesday entry. The devil on my shoulder said that nobody cares whether I continue my daily blogging habit for a 642nd day, but the angel on the other shoulder said that’s not quite true, because I care.

And so, as has been the case every day for one year, 20 months, and 4 days now, here are a few words from me. And therein is my charge to my fellow writers and creators. 

Do the work you promised yourself you would do. The raw truth is that no one else cares about that promise as much as you do. If you drop the ball, no one will blame you and the world will go on, very likely with not another soul noticing. 

But it matters to you. They say you can tell someone’s character by the way they act when no one is watching, no one is listening, and no one is paying attention. So if you promise yourself to record something on your web-log* every day, and you fail to follow through, no one may notice, but you will have learned something about your character. (*You did know that’s where the word blog came from, right?)

I’ve broken promises to myself quite a few times in the past. My intention is to keep this particular promise. Goals are reached and accomplishments accomplished by taking the promises you make to yourself as seriously as the promises you make to family, friends, co-workers and the world.

See you tomorrow.

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