Searching for a new way

I am haunted from time to time by a song I have never completed — or perhaps the first two lines are the whole song — A sus 4 to A, A sus 4 to A  —

“I am a-searching for a new way;

The things I’ve done don’t seem enough …”

I am fairly confident that I came up with that couplet when I was in college and just learning guitar, because it is a simple chord progression that needs only one finger to move, so — the phrase has lingered more than 50 years.

Sometimes in the shower or walking from here to there, I will think of another line or two and wonder if I have finally found the rest of the song, but no.

Or perhaps it’s only a theme, a goal for my life, to always be searching for a new way, because, yes, the things I’ve done don’t ever seem to be enough.

And maybe that’s a good thing, to always want to do more, to find a new way, because there will always be more to do, and our purpose is to find it and do it.

Someday perhaps I will finish the song, and it will be enough, or perhaps I’ll always be searching for that new way, because there always will be one more thing to attempt, because the things I’ve done will always seem not quite enough.

And the surprise is, that thought is somehow comforting.


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