Old spaces in new places

“You have too much stuff,” Red said as she moved aside another pile of stuff and found some more stuff.

Moving the home office from one room to another has been a disruptive process, and since we have still not installed the below-mentioned rolltop desk — that will be the centerpiece — I am lacking some of the nooks, crannies and drawers to tuck miscellany away. So here is a mug full of unsharpened pencils, and there is a pile of the little notepads I keep in my shirt pocket most of the time.

But some of the little scenes have been recreated. Here is Godzilla looming over the Chester railroad station and the ducks in a row, now joined by a Toy Story alien who had been lost in the shuffle some time ago. Oooooooh …

Tuesday being Election Day and my day job still being in the news business, I didn’t get my allotted amount of sleep before waking Wednesday morning, and the day came to a premature conclusion when I fell asleep in front of the glowing box before Barnaby figured out whodunit. Then I rolled into bed, and when Thursday arrived it occurred to me that I had been planning to write a random scene after we finished our latest Midsomer Murders. Something about space, I should think, I haven’t visited science fiction for a while (wait, aren’t I writing a novel about space and time and realities? Oh, bother). 

Not everything will fit into the new environs, which are larger than the old. That’s the point, actually — the old office was bursting at the seams and begging for a cleansing and a bit of a purge. So I get to decide, for example, which books deserve to be in rows on the shelves and which are ready at last for that trip to Goodwill or perhaps eBay.

It is telling that the first things that found their new permanent place are of my youth — the Doc Savage paperback collection, the stereo system with turntable and CD player, the (see illustration above) volumes collecting my favorite comic books of the 1960s, and of course, Godzilla, the ducks and the alien.

Life goes on while I find a few minutes here or there to pack and move another bit of stuff. Hmmm … Maybe the stalled novel(s) can fill these stolen minutes once the move is complete. 

OK, the blog is caught up and the normal morning can move along. I will definitely finish Friday’s post in a little while to catch the blog routine up. Where did I put that rocket ship? It’s in one of these boxes, I think. 

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