Walk away from the toxic

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In the middle of Joanna Penn’s podcast interview with Toby Neal last week, there came a thought I had to jot down while careening down the highway at 72 mph (I find police tend to give traffic a pass at 7 mph over the posted limit or less).

With regard to social media, Neal said something to the effect of, “Find the helpful and the positive; walk away from the toxic.” Is there wiser advice anywhere, and not about just social media?

The world is bustling with toxic — you can swing a dead cat without hitting toxic. Come to think of it, the image of swinging a dead cat is somewhat toxic.

But the world is also bustling with positive and helpful. Heck, you can go on YouTube and find videos about how to boil an egg, that’s how much helpful there is out there. People are always willing to share their knowledge, come to the aid, smile on one another and live in peace.

Why, in a world brimming with good will, would you wallow in the toxic? Find the helpful and the positive, and walk away from the toxic. Do it consciously and intentionally, every day, and watch it all turn around.

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