A day for bridge building

And what kind of a day shall this be? Meteorologists spend hours poring over the signs to determine how the atmosphere may behave today, and so we have some sense of what kind of day it will be in terms of sun or rain or wind or calm or storms or all of the above — but what kind of a day shall this be?

There is much that is not mine to control — some of it is up to the whims of the three animals who live with me under this roof. Other factors are the people I will interact with today — what is on their mind, and how can I make it easier for them? How can I remind them of the good in this world, how can I help them during the brief moments or minutes or hours that I will be a part of their day?

If I am to be just a passing glance of an encounter, then so be it, but if I am able to leave an impression, let it be one that builds bridges and a sense of relief that life is worth the effort and we are in this together. Keep anger far from my soul and banish hatred altogether — place patience and love on my lips that I may spread them far and near.

May I practice loving my neighbor so well and so often that it comes as naturally as it does to a musician who has devoted 10,000 hours to her instrument. Let today be one of those days, and may I remember to frame tomorrow and tomorrow with even greater love.

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