Turn On! syndrome

The market speaks. Sometimes it whispers, and sometimes it shouts with a bullhorn.

I titled the post heralding the return on Uncle Warren’s Attic “A long-awaited momentous announcement no one has been waiting for.” It seems I was prescient.

The download statistics for UWA 81-83 are such that I must conclude there are better uses of my time than reviving my once-legendary podcast, and so I am returning my Friday blog post to, well, blog posts.

I spent the first couple decades of my career generating audio, so I don’t plan to stop working in sound, but I will focus my attention in different directions.

There’s an infamous TV show that was called Turn On! that only ran once, in February 1969, and supposedly was canceled before that first episode was completed. So at least the new show lasted three times as long as Turn On! did.

Thanks to the literal handful of you who checked out the revived UWA, and keep an eye out for my next aural delights project.

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