This week’s war

So another war is thrust into our consciousness and sides are chosen. There is our side and the wrong side and how dare you?

More indiscriminate slaughter of innocents who have no dispute with you — why? What is the point of all this? Where does it end? WHEN does it end?

The only winners are the weapons makers who profit from haters buying their wares. Everyone dies, but the manufacturers feed their families. What a business: Build things that are designed to destroy themselves and anyone in their path, and so there is an endless need to replenish the supply.

I am on the side that beats swords into plowshares, the side with a God who declares we should love one another including our supposed enemies.

I remember a meme from my youth, before memes were called memes: “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” We’re still waiting for the answer, because eager young people still flock to join the new war, and the rest of us root from the sidelines, offering money, weapons, aid and comfort to the killers.

Please don’t ask me to take sides or declare my solidarity. I stand with the peacemakers. I stand with anyone and everyone who shouts, “Enough is enough.” I stand with anyone who, upon hearing that they’re giving a war, refuses to come.

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