Life is too short

I have been off my game for most of the year, starting with the first week in January when Red went into the hospital the first time, and especially since Red left this world at the end of June.

I spend way too much time scrolling through social media, or as I like to call it antisocial media, but it’s a way to keep up with people I’ve known through the years, from grade school to the present day.

When I’m on my game, my informal mission has been to find words of encouragement, to entertain, and perhaps to enlighten if I can. I try to do at least one of those “E” words when I post here on the blog or on Facebook, which is the social network I inhabit most of the time.

I’ve never been able to understand why people I’ve known and respected and befriended feel the need to belittle other people’s heartfelt beliefs, be they political or religious or even a favorite movie or food. Memes get shared that distort and mock someone’s beliefs — “I could never date someone who blah blah blah,” for example.

Life is too short. That’s the message this year has slammed in my face. Life is too short to spend time antagonizing people and fighting. Does it somehow comfort you to try to humiliate someone because of their beliefs, their religion, their gender, their race, or any of the other stupid reasons for trying to humiliate someone?

Life is too short — I try to remember that before I respond to something that has insulted or angered or offended me. I try to move on, I try not to respond in kind, I try not to be as snide as those who rain condescension on people who think or believe differently than they do.

Obviously I fail sometimes, and sometimes I rise to the bait and argue with trolls.

I’m doing better, though, because, after all, life is too short.

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