The Sanders and Moses phase

What goes around comes around, and that apparently applies to random thoughts in my head. The other day as I contemplated my pocket publishing business as we enter the new year, during which I will turn 70, I wrote in my journal, “My goal now is to be Colonel Sanders or Grandma Moses, flourishing inContinue reading “The Sanders and Moses phase”

The mishmash of whatever

This is it! The end of the streak! After 864 consecutive days of blogging, I am utterly without anything to encourage, enlighten or entertain you with. I’d like to thank everyone who “Liked” one of these posts along the way and encouraged me to keep plodding along, sharing the mishmash of whatever may appear inContinue reading “The mishmash of whatever”

Ducks in a row versus Godzilla

I’ve been having that urge to make something — a story, a poem, a song, a recording — anything — just as long as an expression comes out and an attempt at connection is made. See what I think and feel — do you think and feel this, too, or something like it? Thank goodness.Continue reading “Ducks in a row versus Godzilla”

A ride on the time machine

(from my blog, Nov. 22, 2011; I adjusted the number of years that have gone by) We had a substitute teacher that day. She was much older than our regular fifth-grade teacher at Elementary School No. 1 in Little Falls, N.J. A little after 1:30 the principal, Mr. Laux, unexpectedly poked his nose into theContinue reading “A ride on the time machine”

The end of journalism as I knew it

All my life as a journalist, I have tried to write in a way that was fair to all sides of an issue and masked whatever my personal opinion was, because the idea was to present the facts of a story accurately. This is the authentic beginning of a news story that cleared the AssociatedContinue reading “The end of journalism as I knew it”

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