The Day of Awakening

I raise this creaky, lived-in achy body up on two buttocks and declare a celebration.

I see this sunshiney, run-through-a-field glorious day and sing.

I lift an ancient, oft-repeated, joyous song to the heavens.

Here I am, sky! Here I am, meadow! Touch my feet, soil! Touch my heart, scent of rose!

I wake from long dead slumber to taste the nectar of living here and now and alive and present.

You assassins of character, you spleen venters, you boilers of blood, you mongers of hate, I cast your pearls of venom into the cauldron and draw deep the intoxicating wine of now-hear-this-folks-the-time-has-come-to-dance-in-the-sunlight-and-make-a-joyful-noise.

Fie, death sayers. I declare life.

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