Glad … for serendipity

I’m so glad we … had a serendipitous miscommunication.

I’ve been enjoying an early Christmas present — Paul McCartney’s New album, that is to say, the album McCartney released in 2014 called New.

A couple of weeks ago, Red asked me what I want for Christmas, I was stumped for a moment, and then I said, “Well, Paul McCartney has a new album coming out.”

That ended that discussion, until the other day when I casually remarked, “Well, Paul McCartney’s new album came out today.”

She gave me a curious look and said, “Uh oh, I think I may have made a mistake,” reaching under the tree and giving me a brightly wrapped box to see if she had.

Yep. Not being as tuned to (or interested in) pop culture as I am, she didn’t know I was talking about McCartney III, which was to be released Dec. 18. She just did a search for “New Paul McCartney album,” and the rest is now history.

We had a good chuckle, and I’m now playing New through for the third time. It has some very tasty stuff in it.

And as Christmas presents go, it’s more fun to get a surprise gift I love than exactly what I asked for. That’s the joy of serendipity.

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