Little messages in little bottles

UPS tracking says my proof of Full will arrive before 7 p.m. today, and unless I find some deal-breaking flaw inside, the book will be in print-on-demand next Tuesday, June 15. (Available for pre-order or as an ebook now! Buy! Buy! Buy!)

I’m still a little amazed at the book publishing revolution, how an independent author can bypass an army of gatekeepers to march onto the virtual shelves.

This is my third little book of its type in a little over 14 months, enough material that someone might be able to figure out what I’m doing: throwing little messages in little bottles out into the ocean.

What messages might that be? You’re not alone. Life is short, be kind. Everything is possible. Do the work. They can’t enslave you without your permission, whoever “they” are, a boss, a mate, a shadowy evil force.

Gladness is infectious. Blue guitars play the same as any other color. We’re full of words.

LIFE IS SHORT, SO BE KIND, AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER. I don’t need to be full of words: All I need is those ten.

My blurb for Full says, “Here are notes, aphorisms and poems in three mini-collections: ‘The Creative Soul,’ reflections on making art and the power of words; ‘Live Free Or Die,’ thoughts about liberty, self-expression and emerging from dystopia; and ‘You Can Do This,’ encouraging words of finding light in a darkening world.”

Yesterday, in my journal, I copied over the blurb and wrote that I need to finish Jeep, my novel in progress, and that I need to write more about liberty, self-expression and emerging from dystopia, and I need to write more encouraging words of finding light in a darkening world.

Light, in a darkening world — it’s there, you know, for all to see, if you just look.

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