Maintenance notes

I started cleaning up the website a little bit over the weekend, with the most obvious change being I moved the blog back to the home page. If you bookmarked the blog at any point in the last year or so, you need to edit the bookmark so it sends you to plain old

I’ll be in the process of revising my various book pages, which have lacked links for purchasing for some time. You can find my stuff by doing a search at your favorite book retailer, but I suspect it would be easier for you just to click on “My Books” and “The Roger Mifflin Collection” up above – so you’ll be able to do that soon.

The weekend not far from the frozen shores of Green Bay was spent working on a handful of publishing projects that I’ll be announcing soon. My latest book, Full (getcher ebooks and paperbacks here) is divided into separate sections about creativity, freedom, and motivation. I’m working on developing each of those ongoing themes in their own upcoming books.

I have plans to grow The Roger Mifflin Collection this year, I’m working on my flow of several long-rumored fiction projects, and I have some stuff to be announced as well. 

Thanks for checking in here regularly and letting me know when I’ve shared something you found useful, interesting, fun or all of the above!

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