Who died now?

I saw that flags were flying a half-staff again the other day and confess my reaction was a somewhat exasperated, “Who died now?”

It feels like, of late, the flags have been at half staff more often than they have been allowed to rise to their rightful place against the sky.

A flag becomes a political symbol — kind of a shorthand meme — and to the extent that the U.S. flag is considered a symbol of freedom, it gets a little disheartening to see it constantly in a state of mourning. (Feel free to let your mind drift to the idea of constantly mourning for freedom — that was precisely my intention anyway.)

I don’t presume to suggest my status merits any consideration of what to do about flags upon my death, but should that happen to change between now and then, let the record show that I wish my passing to be commemorated by proudly flying whatever passes for a flag of freedom, way up there for everyone to see.

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